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Photo credit- http://faculty.southwest.tn.edu/jiwilliams/animalcell.jpg

Hey guys! So far in my Biochemistry course I’ve covered two very important topics, the cell and carbohydrates! As you can see the above picture illustrates a typical animal cell. A fellow named Robert Hooke discovered the cell. There are two types of cells, prokaryotic and eukaryotic! The major difference between these two is the presence of a nucleus which prokaryotes lack. Apart from this, there are other differences.Essentially, cells are the “building blocks of life” Enough of me blabbing for now… 🙂 Wait…! Tutorials! They definitely were not the same as my previous ones! I have to admit when I heard we were going to be assessed I really started to question myself. I’m generally not the ‘talk infront of the crowd’ kinda girl but I do give an input here and there when I’m needed. The tutorial wasn’t that bad at all! I’m still alive woooooo :p It was fun and a very new way to learn things. Definitely going to  help me  remember the course material better.
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About me! ^_^

Heyyy everyone my name is Sarah! People usually say i’m quiet or shy UNTIL they get to know me! Once you get to know me you’ll realize i actually talk a lot and laugh at random things. I’m currently pursuing a BSc major in Biology and minoring in Biochemistry (of course :p ) and Biotechnology! I love the outdoors and  sports especially cricket 😀 My other hobbies include reading, singing, listening to music, learning about different cultures, traveling and watching TV. I have a desire to help others and therefore i hope to pursue a career in the medical field. The idea of being involved in medical research and finding successful cures for diseases fascinates me!

I was actually looking forward to 2 courses this semester, Biochemistry l and Intro to Genetics! Although the work load is very heavy, they are extremely interesting topics! My first Biochemistry class was quite interesting and  fun. The lecturer made me feel even more excited about the course! His teaching methods are new to me but it seems very effective. After all i spend most of my time on youtube and what better way to have your lectures posted there! Now i guess i won’t feel that guilty for being on youtube so much haha! I can safely say I’m looking forward to the rest of my Biochem classes! That’s a wrap for now!

Chao! Oh and in everything you put your heart to, have faith! 🙂

By sarahtyrell