Week in Review…



Photo credit- http://faculty.southwest.tn.edu/jiwilliams/animalcell.jpg

Hey guys! So far in my Biochemistry course I’ve covered two very important topics, the cell and carbohydrates! As you can see the above picture illustrates a typical animal cell. A fellow named Robert Hooke discovered the cell. There are two types of cells, prokaryotic and eukaryotic! The major difference between these two is the presence of a nucleus which prokaryotes lack. Apart from this, there are other differences.Essentially, cells are the “building blocks of life” Enough of me blabbing for now… 🙂 Wait…! Tutorials! They definitely were not the same as my previous ones! I have to admit when I heard we were going to be assessed I really started to question myself. I’m generally not the ‘talk infront of the crowd’ kinda girl but I do give an input here and there when I’m needed. The tutorial wasn’t that bad at all! I’m still alive woooooo :p It was fun and a very new way to learn things. Definitely going to  help me  remember the course material better.
How about a little humor? Laugh a little…


Peace out for now!



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