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HEYYYYYY everyone! Seeing that we have a quiz on Carbohydrates this week, I was reviewing some stuff when I came across something interesting! Carbohydrates are sugars and starches (organic compounds) that provide us with energy! Almost everything we consume contain some form of a carbohydrate. However, most of us have no idea what we’re really eating. We hear ‘vegetables are good for you’ so we try to get as much of it in our diet and never really bother to do any research on our foods. RAFFINOSE…sounds like something to do with our nose doesn’t it?haha Raffinose, C18H32O16,  is a crystalline slightly sweet sugar present on many plant products. It is a trisaccaharide made up of galactose, fructose and glucose and is found in foods such as beans and brussel sprouts. Did you have anything like this for lunch or dinner? Then i bet ya you had yourself some Raffinose. Despite their healthy profile, some high-fiber cruciferous vegetables have bad reputations as gas producers because they contain raffinose which is also an indigestible sugar.Methane-producing bacteria in the colon feed on it and release gas in the process.  It is always good to do some extra research on the foods we eat! 🙂


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