Thank God it’s Friday is probably what most of us are saying! Yep, I’m guilty although I had Monday and Tuesday off. ‘I have too much free time’ said no one ever lol! This week was surprisingly  a bit more on the chill side for me. Biochemistry…I had one lecture for the week and we went through our Carbohydrates quiz and we did some more work on proteins and amino acids. I’m not gonna lie, I’m actually enjoying this topic thus far! I know for sure I prefer it over carbs any day! :O

So let’s see, there are about 20 amino acids that are needed and essential for life! These are known as standard amino acids. Our bodies only produce 11 of these. The other nine is obtained through food since our bodies cannot synthesize them. In a cell, ribosomes are responsible for protein synthesis.A lack of any amino acid, would therefore be a limiting factor in protein synthesis. Eukaryotes are able to make these shortage of amino acids from other substrates. Quite interesting huh!

Let’s take a look at Leucine!


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This type of amino acid is nonpolar and is one of those  not synthesized in our bodies.It is also, like  valine a branced chain amino acid.  It can be found in protein foods such as fish, poultry and sesame seeds. Because of it’s ability to easily convert to glucose, leucine aids in blood sugar regulation. Bodybuilders, also have a high intake of this amino acid because it influences muscle protein metabolism!