Reflexión—> Learning…

Learning is an experience…hmm! When it comes to the actual test, many of us forget what was thought to us or what we studied. Guilty over here! *shame face* I am one of those avid crammers! Trust me it’s no good because right after the exam you completely forget everything you’ve learnt because that’s the way you trained your brain to work :/ However, I’ve learnt how to actually study in advance for an exam. Once you make time to go through your work and not cram you’ll eventually remember stuff and it’ll become natural. Ok, let me get to the point! Studying could be boring lol but there are different methods you could use. For example, say I had to remember the amino acids Alanine, Glycine, Leucine and Serine, I’ll use something like All Girls Love Shopping‘. The 1st letter of each word would correspond to each amino acid respectively. There are tons of other methods to help you remember stuff!

Check out this song to remember amino acids! Kudos to this guy!

Credit goes to Jeremy Ying and his youtube channel!


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