Interesting Enzymes


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Last week in Biol1362 we covered ENZYMES. While doing research, I came across some quite interesting facts I thought I’d share in this reflection post. Since doing this course, I gotta say that enzymes are one of my fav topics mostly because for me, it’s easy to understand. There isn’t a lot of organic chemistry involved…BONUS! lol. Ok let me get to my point. Proteases are enzymes that control a process, proteolysis. They are used in industrial processes such as in the chill proofing of beer, manufacturing of liquid glue and it is used to lower the protein level in flour in biscuit manufacturing. Trypsin, another enzyme is used to predigest baby food. Lastly, any chefs in da house?? Papain is used as  a meat tenderizer. You don’t want that special someone to choke or feel as though they are chewing a piece of rubber! 😉 LOL invest in papain.


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