Reflection…Cheers to the weekend…!

Hey cyber buds! If u had a stressful and tiring week as I did here’s a few pics to get that 🙂 on! It’s boiling down to the end of the semester and the work intensity is increasing 😦  Biol1362 is alot of work but it is manageable thus far. We completed Enzymes this week and now we’re on Glycolysis. Glycolysis is a metabolic pathway that aids in cellular respiration.The  process involves the breakdown of one glucose molecule to yield 2 molecules of NADH, 2 molecules of ATP, 2 molecules of water  and 2 molecules of pyruvic acid. The products of glycolysis are further used in  Krebs cycle… Look out for future posts where I’ll be discussing this process in greater details!
 Anyways here’s to an enjoyable weekend!




JM will KILL me if I respond to questions like this! LOLLLL




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