Exams are near :( Say what?? Week 9 Reflection pt 1

Exams are near :( Say what?? Week 9 Reflection pt 1

Hey everyone! Week 9 is done, 3 more weeks to go! Not sure if this is a good or bad thing lol because exams are near and I literally feel as though I need someone to drag me along for the rest of the semester. This week in Biochem 1362, we finished Glycolysis and we had a lab.
Whilst doing Glycolysis we covered Fermentation…what exactly is this? Fermentation is basically the breakdown of glucose to give acids and alcohol. More precisely, fermentation is the absence of the electron transport chain and takes a reduced carbon source for example glucose, and makes products such as lactic acid or acetate. Oxidative phosphorylation is absent and only substrate level phosphorylation is used. This yields a much lower amount of ATP. The products of Fermentation are not fully oxidized, and are considered waste products, since they cannot be metabolized further without the use of oxygen. This process is often used to produce or preserve food. Most people typically think that the process refers to the fermentation of sugar to alcohol using yeast, but other fermentation processes include the making of yogurt. Zymology is the science of fermentation. A French chemist Louis Pasteur, was the first zymologist, and in 1857 he connected yeast to the fermentation process. Pasteur originally defined fermentation as respiration without air.However, a German nobel proze winner, Eduard Buchner, later determined that fermentation was actually caused by a yeast secretion that he termed zymase.
Further uses of Fermentation include, the making of wine and beer, and to create lactic acid to preserve foods such as pickles.



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