Vid review numero uno…Glycolysis

Video link:


This lesson on Glycolysis was done by KhanAcademy. It’s a great video if you wish to enlighten yourself on cellular respiration. The video was easy to follow and understand. The both phases of glycolysis (energy and payoff) were mentioned. KhanAcademy illustrated with the aid of a diagram and by writing what was said for easy remembrance. The concepts were repeated so that the viewers would get a clearer idea of what was being taught. Personally I liked the video because it’s a quick way to get a general idea about the glycolysis process. It was short and sweet and kept me somewhat interested. Some main points highlighted were as follows:

  • Pyruvate is a 3 carbon structure and Glucose is a 6 chain carbon

  • Glycolysis is the breakdown of glucose and both aerobic and anaerobic respiration occurs.

  • Anaerobic respiration results in a process called fermentation where lactic acid and ethanol are produced.

  • The investment phase uses 2ATP.

  • The ‘ingredients’ starting off the process were glucose+2NAD+ +2ATP+4ADP

  • The products are 2 pyruvates+2NadH+2ADP+4ATP

  • The 2NAD+ is reduced and gains H becoming 2NADH. The 2 ATP becomes 2ADP. 

  • The net gain of the process is 2ATPs, 2NADH and 2 pyruvates.

Although the video was good, it can be improved. In the video it was not mentioned exactly where glycolysis occurs. It occurs in the cytosol. The same concepts were repeated over and over again which could be a good thing but more time could have been spent on other points. Also, the entire video was basically on the products of glycolysis. The process itself was not explained in details and there were hardly any mentions of the enzymes in glycolsis. One outstanding issue that I took  note of  was that 4APS ( as a ‘ingredient’ for glycolysis) was written instead of 4ADP. After realizing the mistake, 4ADS was rewritten unfortunately. 😦 

Generally the video was good for just an overview or a revision on Glycolysis.


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