Vid review numero dos! Prokaryotic Cells and Eukaryotic Cells

This video was done on prokaryotes and eukaryotes and was found on RichardsonScience’s youtube channel. In the video, he discussed the main components of each cell type like the shape, size and the organelles found within each. He also focused on the major differences between the both cell types in relation to genetic diversity, and the way in which each cell reproduce.
As an example of a prokaryotic cell, he went through ecoli and its structure and function. These structures included:

  • Pilli which attaches to other bacteria for conjugation.

  • Flagella for movement. It spins like a propeller

  • Plasma membrane which contains proteins and is selectively permeable

  • Cytoplasm which contains enzymes, DNA and ribosomes

  • Cell wall for protection, helps bacteria maintain the shape, osmotic lysis and usually made up of peptidoglycans

  • Nucleoid region that contains naked DNA and ribosomes

Additionally he also went through an electron micrograph of Ecoli which in my opinion is very helpful. Organelles such as ribosomes, lysosomes and golgi apparatus were also further explained.
Lastly, the differences between plant and animal cells were given but this was nothing new. RichardsonScience also described the roles of extracellular components.
Overall this video was great and very helpful. It is a great video for revising. Also, it was easy to follow and not at all boring 🙂 Everything explained was what we basically learnt in class so it’s a good revising tool. One thing though… in the video, all the differences between prokaryotes and eukaryotes were not described fully. Just a few were. The differences were also hard to recognize since the picture was small. Generally the video was good! 🙂
RichardsonScience…BIG UP to you!


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