Salut! Hola! Hi! Namaste! Yow wa ah gwaan! Oppa trini style??

So many ways to greet right? I’ve decided to make this reflection a little interesting. No formal English! We doing this TRINI style! So basically what I’ve created is a short dialogue between two friends Mindy and JayJay to explain a really interesting protein fact 🙂

At home in the living room where Mindy is reading the newspaper

Mindy: Jay bwoy ah readin dis paper here but i cetchin meh skin tuh see! I seein d ting cloudy cloudy. Way yuh put meh glasses?

Jay: *laughs* well look who gettin ole now. like yuh hav cataracts like granny and ole brownie from up d road

Mindy: Cataracts yuh say? Naaaaa man! D print on dis ting jus to fine! Buhhh Jay you talkin bout cataracts…u kno wa dat really is?


ohhh I thought so

Jay: Well amm all i kno is ole people does get it n ting

Mindy: Well let me explain it tuh yuh! Cataracts is really caused by d denaturation of proteins in d lenses of yuh eye! First up to make it simple for yuh, it is a cloudin of the lens of the eye!

Jay: We have proteins in we eye?

Mindy: YESS! So u din kno we eye is mostly water and protein? It does help with d len’s structure and flexibility.  D protein is arranged in a specific way that keep d lens clear and it does allow light tuh pass tru it to focus a clear image onto the retinal surface. As we geh older, some of d protein may clump together an start tuh cloud a small area of d lens. Dis is d reason y everybody tink only ole people does get cataracts. Over some time, d cataract may become more dense or cloud more of d lens, making it more difficult tuh see tru. Sooo yuh understan wa i talkin bout?

Jay: Yeaaa i din kno it was about all of dat

Mindy: Yes, proteins have a specific shape that does help d molecules participate in chemical reactions! Denaturing does happen when that shape is compromised n d molecule can no longer function to d best. But i go call u later to explain some more things na. Meh modda callin meh! I sure I hadda travel home! We go pick up!

Jay: Aite we go link! Thanks for d info eh!


WELLL talk about broken English lol! Just a fun way to share an interesting fact! 🙂 This week was a bit tough for me since blogs and labs were due and midterms are still running. 😦 In class, we focused on topics like cholesterol, sphingosine, nucleic acid and nucleotides. It was a long week but Friday is almost here! 

The general structure of Sphingosine can be seen in the fig. below


It is an 18 carbon molecule, has a double bond between carbons 4 and 5, has a hydroxyl group on carbons 1 and 3 and an amino group on carbon 2.

Well I hoped everyone enjoyed this post! That’s all for now folks! aka Dais it until ma next post :p 😉


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