Week 12…Reflection 2! :)

Week 12...Reflection 2! :)

*WAVES* hey there! Here on iBiochem, the weekly reflections are done a bit differently. Instead of just blogging about what we did in class, I tend to focus my reflections on interesting things I learnt this week…relating to the topic we did in class or I tend to give some additional info that we didn’t really go through in class. So this week, we completed cholesterol. What we mainly focused on was the structure. Do yall know what this thing called cholesterol really is? Wellll it is a lipid produced by the liver in our bodies. It is essential for normal body functions.Cholesterol is important in creating cell membranes, bile salts, vitamin D, nerve sheaths and even sex hormones! It builds and maintains cell membranes and it prevents crystallization of hydrocarbons in the membrane. It also determines which molecules can pass into the cell and those that cannot.
Lipid-carrying proteins transport cholesterol across the blood stream. You can take a look at this link to learn more about cholesterol

So this was the final week of Biol1362. Gotta say I’m pretty
relieved but no time to rest because exams are near. This semester went by extremely fast! I really enjoyed doing this blog because it helped me alot in the learning process. I was able to put what I learnt in my own words and was able to add additional info. Blogging was a bit difficult at times when I had a lot of school work to do but I still enjoyed it. It was something new that I’d def give props to! Besides coming and posting what we did in class, it gave me opportunities to relate what we did in a fun and creative way! I really hope everyone reading šŸ˜‰ This pretty much sounds like a goodbye speech lol but no it isn’t! I’ll be back yayy! šŸ˜›
Till next time, byee šŸ™‚


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