• Did you know that lemons contain more sugar than strawberries, for the same mass? Hmm interesting huh… When all we think about is how sour they  are!


  • Prokaryotes are the most primitive forms of life on earth


  • The essential amino acid Threonine was discovered by an American Nutritionist, William Cumming Rose doing research in the 1930’s


  • Hair is made up of a protein, keratin, which forms a helical shape. This protein has sulfur bonds, and the more sulfur links it has, the curlier person’s hair will be!



  • If humans didn’t contain a protein called Albumin, our entire  bodies would swell! :O


  • The word protein comes from  the Greek word ‘proteios’ which means primary or holding the first place.The term was firstly used in 1883.


  •  Enzymes are proteins, therefore,  they can be dissolved in water and can be diluted with the use of a salt solution.


  • Enzymes which are present in a chemical reaction are not being destroyed when they are used because they are going to be re-used again and again every time that there will be a chemical reaction.


  • Hot peppers get their heat from a molecule called capsaicin!  hmmmm…Birds lack the receptor responsible for the effect and are immune to the burning sensation from exposure.


  • Glycolysis is also known as the  EMP pathway  and was discovered by Gustav Embden, Otto Meyerhof and Jakub Karol Parnas!



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